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Here is a poem written by a contemporary of Lloyd Hesketh Bamford-Hesketh extolling the beauty of the surrounding landscape viewed from Lady Emily's Tower :

“Enchanting site! Hence every rural sweet,
And every natural charm to meet.
Hence to the eye the landscape opens wide!
The dancing spirits roll a quicker tide.
Around new objects promp th’excursive lay;
The gentle winding stream, the meadows gay;
The smiling village sunk in leafy shades,
That just unfolds its low through the glades;
The splendid seat, the tower, the shining spire,
And hills that catch the sun’s departing fire.”

"Why Does No One Care?" Composed by Mark Baker in 1996

"I see you set in the limestone,
Yours towers standing strong.
The wind whistling through,
The rain hitting your stone.
I see you set in the limestone,
I go past and wonder 'Why does no one care?'
Dear Gwrych I love you so."

A sonnet composed by Mrs Barbara Isla Griffiths for the Biography of Winifred, Countess of Dundonald, Summer 2003

"On marble steps
The scent of violets sweet
Pervade the air.
Where streams and stars do interchange
Into a tapestry of light.
Here does the Countess wait
For her dear Castle to be again
The gracious glorious Crown"


A poem by Anna Dunphy, a 10 year old schoolgirl from Rhyd-y-Foel who has fallen in love with Gwrych Castle and Estate

"Gwrych is bold yet restrained,
Want to come its enjoying
Ruin that's what it is
Yet I wonder does anyone care?
Course the Trust is there
Hopefully it will then be saved"

©Mark Baker 2003