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Gwrych Castle is a very dangerous building. Please do not enter as it is derelict and unsafe. Over the past fourteen years the Castle has become little more than a fatal shell. Everyday, parts of the building collapse and could cause serious injury to any person who enters the house. A few weeks ago, the Library Bay collapsed together with parts of the West Wing. Please do not put yourself in danger!

Submitted by North Wales Paranormal Research:-

As the founder of the North Wales Paranormal Research group, I’ve been involved over the years in the research of Gwrych Castles’ ghosts.

It was an easy decision to make to investigate Gwrych Castle. I remember at the first investigation was a success with quite a few people experiencing strange phenomenon. Subsequent investigations followed, each one yielding more questions than answers, as is often the way in paranormal research. Now, years on, we still regularly conduct investigations at Gwrych Castle. So far we have yet to leave from an overnight investigation at the Castle with no evidence in some form or another. We’ve had sightings of orbs, spirit lights and shadows. We’ve also captured some strange things on cameras, video cameras and Dictaphones. We’ve had anomalous EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readings, strange thermo-hygrometer readings and we’ve even had trigger objects moving inexplicably!

Photo of vortex taken outside the house with a 35mm camera. The vortex appears on the negative. No camera strap or other object was obstructing the lens at the time.

Along with focusing on scientific evidence, we’ve also had spiritualist mediums with us in the past. They’ve managed to pick up various different spirits who’re still active at the Castle. Some of whom have said the Castle is very active spiritually.

During our investigations we’ve come across quite a few ghosts. Two of whom seem to make an appearance in some form or another on each investigation; the Earl and Countess.

Frame taken from video footage outside at Gwrych Castle showing whats commonly termed a light rod. Its very rare to capture light rods on video cameras, especially when they’re on a tripod, as was the case this night.

It is quite rare for a paranormal research group to leave a location on each occasion with something of interest. More often than not you’ll leave a location rather disappointed. This is yet to be the case at Gwrych Castle though!

With such a varied history it comes of little surprise to me that Gwrych is as active as it is.

From our research into the Castle and many other locations I can conclude that Gwrych Castle is certainly one of the most haunted buildings in Wales, maybe even the UK….

Sarah Hutchinson
North Wales Paranormal Research

  ***All investigations have been organised by North Wales Paranormal Research or other Paranormal Groups, not by Mark Baker or the Gwrych Castle Trust***

©Mark Baker 2003