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Steve Atkinson visited and stayed in Gwrych in the 1960’s when Gwrych was open as holiday flats, in 1985 his wife Karen visited Gwrych again whilst staying nearby in Llandulas.

They didn’t visit Gwrych again until 1997 when they camped within the walls of the Gwrych estate at Manorafon farm. "During this visit we we’re saddened to see the poor condition of Gwrych and the obvious damage that had been caused by the “New Age” Travellers.

From that time on we we’re looking to find more information about the ownership of Gwrych and what, if anything, was being done about the state of the castle.

In 2002 found out about the trust, through the Gwrych Castle website, which we joined. We found out about an exhibition being held in Llandulas, which included a talk on the history of Gwrych, which we attended and here we met Mark. Later the same year we attended the exhibition at Abergele Library and bought some of Mark’s books.

From then on we have tried to help the trust when we could and our eldest son, Jon, is now working on the new official trust website."





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